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With faith, we will continue to move forward recording the new album. We started recording in April, with a goal of having the new CD released late this year.

We absolutely would love your support as we continue on our journey! I’m so excited to be working with Levi and can’t wait for you to hear the new music.

Our strategy is to faithfully continue moving forward, addressing costs as they arise. I will be planning various fundraising performances, and we also have a new funding plan that will allow us to collect pledges over the course of recording the CD. (No registration required and the funds can feed directly into our project as they come in)

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I’ve been working on a lot of new material over the past couple of years, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources. Along the way, I’ve rediscovered my love for the piano, resulting in many hours spent composing and translating the sounds in my head into music. I’ve always loved telling stories in my songs, and I’m really looking forward to bringing these new stories to life!

Propelled by bouts of insomnia, many of my new songs are about personal experiences, including phobias, friendships, childhood memories, personal struggles, and even dreams. I’ve shared a lot of these new originals in venues around Dallas, as solo gigs with my keyboard. I cannot wait to begin recording them to include the instrumental and vocal layers that I hear in my head.

I will be working with Levi Bradford – a wonderfully talented producer – on this project, and with your support we are ready to make my first full length record! I’m pleased to announce it will be released on Levi’s new record label, Noise Umbrella. I’m so excited to work with Levi, as he is very down to earth, amazingly talented, and we have really connected on the vision for this record.

With your support, you will help launch the new Noise Umbrella label as well as my CD!


Singer/Songwriter Anna Thomas delivers her original music with both the infectious energy of a newcomer and the expert skillfulness of a seasoned veteran.

Grammy Award Winning Producer Guy Eckstine describes her this way; 

I was immediately entranced by Anna’s voice and the depth of her songwriting abilities, which were well beyond her years.

Immersed in music even before birth, her grandfather played trombone in the legendary Stax record sessions in Memphis for Elvis, The Box Tops, and Isaac Hayes. Like many successful artists, Anna began her own musical journey in church, where she started singing in musicals at the age of 8. Shortly thereafter, she began writing and arranging her own music. Anna has been featured on “Good Morning Texas” as one of Dallas’s “Hot Young Performers”. Anna’s music can be heard on various indie radio stations across the US (including KXT Dallas) and plays regularly at several venues in the Dallas area.

Anna is currently working on a 14 song CD produced by Levi Bradford to be released on the Noise Umbrella label later this year. Anna has been actively involved in the University of North Texas Summer Jazz camps and plans to attend UNT in the fall of 2014. You can also find Anna’s EPs Break Apart and Splash of Red on iTunes.

What are people saying about Anna?


 She has the voice of a seasoned professional, and her lyrics are rich in story lines and much more mature than her very young age.

Cindy Chaffin - Art&Seek – KERA Dallas

 …after a listen to her first EP — Splash of Red — many are stunned that the singer/songwriter is merely in eighth grade.

Ann Marie Shambaugh - Dallas Morning News

I’ve been a working musician/producer for over 20 years and have never come across a young talent as formidable as Anna Thomas. She’s only 13 but has a voice that resonates and soars effortlessly like that of a singer 3 times her age. Almost as if an old soul is living within her… Her words also convey a depth and wisdom far beyond her age. Listen carefully to her music and if you’re not deeply moved, I doubt if you can be moved.


Salim Nourallah - Artist/Producer - The Dallas Observer Music Award’s BEST PRODUCER of the year for seven consecutive years


The first time I heard Anna Thomas I knew she was something special. One thing that has become increasingly rare in today’s music scene is to find an up-and-coming artist that can write and perform clean and simple songs in a thought provoking way. In my opinion Anna has joined the ranks of Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor in doing just that. Anna has earned a home on the Mevio Radio playlist for the foreseeable future.

Brent Bradley - Mevio Radio